Sunday, February 19, 2012

Woven Wrap Sizing

We had some questions at our meeting yesterday about sizing for woven wraps, so I figured it would be a great topic for a blog entry!  In choosing a size for a woven wrap, it's important to consider the wearer's body size, the baby's age/size, and for which carries you'd like to use the wrap.  Generally, wraps are broken down into three size categories:  "long" or "base size", "mid-length", and "shorties".  Below is a general guideline of what lengths fit into which categories, and for what carries you'd use each length:

Long or Base Size Wraps

Average size wearer:  Size 6 (4.6-4.7m)
Smaller than average:  Size 5 (4.1-4.2m)
Larger than average:  Size 7 (5.2m)

Popular carries with a long wrap:

Front Carries

  • Front Wrap Cross Carrry
  • Front Cross Carry (some wearers can do FCC with one size down)

Back Carries

  • Double Hammock
  • Secured High Back Carry (some wearers can do SHBC with one size down)
  • Rucksack with Tibetan Finish (some can do with one size down)
  • Double Rebozo with Shoulder to Shoulder Chestbelt (DRS2S)

Mid-Length Wraps

Average size wearer:  Size 4 (3.6-3.7m)
Smaller than average:  Size 3 (3.2m)
Larger than average:  Size 5 (4.1-4.2m)

Popular carries with a mid-length wrap:

Front Carries
  • Kangaroo
  • Front Wrap Cross Carry Tied Under Bum
  • Short Cross Carry
Hip Carries
  • Robin's Hip Carry
  • Coolest Hip Cross Carry
Back Carries
  • Rucksack
  • Jordan's Back Carry and variations

Short Wraps ("shorties")

Average size wearer:  Size 2 (2.6-2.8m)
Smaller than average:  Size 1 (2.2-2.4m)
Larger than average:  Size 3 (3.2m)

Popular carries with a shorty:

Front Carries
  • Rebozo
Hip Carries
  • Rebozo
  • Hip Cross Carry (some users can do HCC with a shorty, some need one size up)
Back Carries
  • Rucksack Tied Under Bum
  • Rucksack Tied At Shoulder and variations including Knotless Ruck and Reinforced Rear Rebozo Ruck
  • Double Rebozo

This list of course does not include all the carries you can do with each size.  If you're having trouble getting a carry to work with the length wrap that you have, please contact us and we'll help you find a carry that will work for you.  Also, many carries can be modified to work with a shorter or longer wrap.  For example, a rucksack uses a mid-length wrap, but you can do it with a shorty and tie under your baby's bottom instead of in front, or with a long wrap, you can use up the extra length by tying Tibetan or by bringing the tails around back to tie under your baby's bottom.  Most mid-length hip carries can be modified for a long wrap by just bringing the tails to your opposite hip to tie off.

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